General Management: Roman Couldlie
St. Michael’s Estate is a highly historical property dating back to 1700s, located in the old historic city center of Kiev, right across the renowned St. Michael’s Cathedral and Monastery from which the estate draws its name, and Volodymyrska Hirka Park that overlooks the Dniepr river (the historical location of the baptism of Kievan Rus by the great prince Volodymyr, hence the name of the park). Originally, the building of the St. Michael’s Estate was a Patriarchal Hotel, where highest church hierarchy would sojourn during their visits to the golden city of churches and monasteries—such was the name for Kiev. Later on, remodeled and redesigned by the Polish royal princely family of Rzhevutsky, the building served dual function as the family’s capital city property and as a complex of the guest apartments for influential persons and church patriarchs. The Rzhevutsky family also financed the works on the St. Alexander Roman Catholic Polish Cathedral, located right next to the St. Michael’s Estate on Kostiolna Street. One of the last historic members of the Rzhevutsky family to stay in the estate was Polish Countess Evelina Hanska, born Royal Polish Princess Evelina Rzhevutska (she was the great-great grandmother of the present owner of the St. Michael’s Estate, Christina Marie Kushch Katrakis). After the death of her husband Count Hansky, Evelina became the wife of renowned French writer Honoré de Balzac. Hanska and Balzac did stay in the St. Michael’s estate after their trip from Paris to Ukraine, where they rested and recovered before moving to Verhivnia Palace where the couple lived for two years. When Balzac’s health worsened, the couple once more returned to the St. Michael’s Estate before their departure for Paris, where Balzac died soon after. The property remained within family ownership, and thus was passed down to the Evelina Hanska’s great-great granddaughter, the present owner.

The St. Michael’s Estate comprises seven rooms, three of which are used as bedrooms only. Additionally there is a tea room, a library, a living room (ball room), a dining room, a kitchen, two full bathrooms, one open balcony-terrace and one glass balcony-terrace used as a green drawing room. The estate also features two large bathrooms, one with large sink, antique mirror, toilet, and 4-person Jacuzzi done in Hellenistic Era style, adorned with copies of classical sculptures and marble. The other bathroom has a modern shower cabin, a laundry area, a sink, a large mirror and a toilet. The kitchen and the formal dining room are both done in neo-classical style, with perfectly preserved original ornamentation, sculptural elements, pillars and columns. The kitchen is fully equipped to the latest standards with a gas oven, microwave, dishwasher, large refrigerator, freezer, bar table, green granite counters, oak wood closets, double sink, air conditioning, satellite TV and two large windows. Every room and every bedroom in the Estate, holds a different style: one is done in Moorish designs adorning the 4,5 meter high ceiling, while the others are baroque, classical or rococo, making each room truly unique and unforgettable. The large living room, which was originally a ball room, holds a true masterpiece of architecture and design: an original fireplace, adorned with the historic family seal and lavish baroque-style ornamentation. It is a functional fireplace and remains in use up to this day. While all the amenities were updated according to the latest modern standards (heating system, air-conditioning in each room, high-speed wireless Internet, international satellite television, new therapeutic king size beds, new walk-in closets, etc.) none of the original historic elements of the building were changed, on contrary, they were lovingly restored to their original condition by the expert restorers from the Hermitage Palace and Museum in St. Petersburg, specially hired and brought in by the present owner of the Estate. The care towards each detail was truly great: the paint on the ceiling and walls, the silk wallpaper and even the true gold leaf, were all made specially, to match the original as close as possible. Additionally, the Estate still holds many of the original furniture pieces, some dating to Evelina and Balzac’s period, including a writing desk where Balzac wrote his last works, as well as his private book collection. The older family items, such as ancient icons and paintings that decorate the walls of the estate, belonged to the royal princely family of Rzhevutsky, and were passed down to the present estate’s owner throughout the centuries.

St. Michael’s Estate is located in the very heart of the city center, yet it is a very private and peaceful place, a true refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern urban life. Its large windows face the park and the St. Michael’s cathedral. One can enjoy a morning coffee, an afternoon tea or an evening drink, while sitting on the large open balcony of the estate and beholding the breathtaking view to the golden cupolas, monastic gardens and the park (the balcony is fully furnished for outdoor dinners as well: dining table and chairs, sofa, inn table, outdoor rug, lights, candles and plants). The façade of St. Michael’s Estate as well as its original wooden doors were further rebuild and restored to their original condition, restoring the damages subjected by the years of neglect under the Soviet rule. The Estate’s famous marble and granite stairway was restored as well, and is being cleaned and polished daily by the Estate’s cleaning staff. The entrance to the building is now fully guarded as well. St. Michael’s Estate has its own security guard working on a 24/7 basis and its own street gates (the street has been closed to traffic and the gates can be opened only by the St. Michael’s Estate guard, and only for its residents or guests). The street was further restored and reconstructed to its original state. The modern concrete was replaced with original stone laid road, as it originally was when the estate was build. All these positive developments turned the street on which the Estate is located into a quiet historical pedestrian area. Right across the street from the Estate, is the Volodymyrska Hirka Park located on the historic slopes of ancient Kiev, which offers a splendid view to the river Dnieper. It is said that in this very place, the Rus nation was baptized by the royal prince Volodymyr (hence the name of the park). This green retreat in the heart of the modern city is a perfect place for morning jogging, or for afternoon walks.

All major historical sites, restaurants, clubs and museums, are located a short walking distance from the Estate (as you can further view on the map).

The other side of the St. Michael’s Estate, faces the central City Square—Ploshcha Nazalejnosti (Independence Square) and the main street below—Khreshchatyk. Thus windows and the glass balcony (the green drawing room of the Estate) on the other side face this central direction.

Recently, the present owner of the estate offers part of the Estate, to be used for rental as bed and breakfast for selected group of customers.

St. Michael’s Estate services include house personnel (cleaning, cooking, laundry, sheets changing etc), 24/7 security and all the latest amenities. Additional services may be ordered and may include: personal driver and a car, dinner/lunch/breakfast services, washing/ironing, guided tours, translator, airport transfers, etc.
St. Michael’s Estate up to this day belongs to the original owner and her family, offering a truly unique opportunity to partake in a family-like atmosphere of hospitality and aristocratic ways. Weddings and baptisms ceremonies can also be held in the St. Michael’s orthodox monastery just opposite of the St. Michael’s Estate, as well as in St. Alexander’s Roman Catholic Church just down the street from the St. Michael’s Estate. The construction and the library of this church were funded by the estate’s owner’s family throughout the centuries (ceremonies in both locations can be arranged by agreement).

English Editing: Umur Celikyay