Villa Paradiso

Second Floor (First Floor)
Villa Paradiso’s Second Floor (First Floor) consists of the large veranda-balcony, equipped with a comfortable sofa–perfect for the outdoor naps, large dining table, set of outdoor chairs and two hammocks (the sitting one and the large reclining hammock). The space is sheltered from the bright morning sun (since it faces sunrise directly), with a white natural reed pergola, also covered by sun and weather-resistant thick plastic from the top, to protect the balcony from the rain while allowing the sun to flow through the texture of the reeds, filling the space with air and light. The balcony is equipped with floor lights, which allow seeing the starry sky at night without blinding the viewer. It also has a large dining light and romantic ambiance touches: candles, lanterns, hand crafted drift wood mirror frame, cushions and pillows. On the wall of the balcony one can read the very poem that became an inspiration for this home’s reconstruction and purchase by the present owner. A large French double glass door (equipped with the mosquito net door as well) leads into the actual studio apartment. The setting of the studio was created in such a way, that the bed could be located right by the door, to view the sea each morning right. The bed itself was shipped from Italy, and is made of the finest materials by a top designer. Two sides of an old dowry chest were used to create two bed tables on both sides, with two reading lamps and a number of personal designer touches that blend the old with the new, connecting the inside with the outside. Above the bed hangs a romantic mosquito-net canopy, with old hand carved mythological sirens and figurines, gliding gently in the air. Next to the canopy there is a remote operated transparent ceiling fan, which offers extra cooling during hot weather. On the opposite side from the bed there is a wall flat-screen satellite TV with over then 250 international channels, a large mirror that visually opens the space and reflects the sea (thus the sea can be viewed from all the sides in the room), a number of old family photographs and memorabilia, a chair and a marble writing desk, with two antique bronze mirrors, and a large double-size closet for clothing and linens—all painted in the old traditional style, portraying the Greek grandparents of the present owner. Next to the bed, stands a large comfortable sofa, which becomes a double bed for children or for another person. The space around the sofa creates a cozy living area—with antique hand carved inn table, large wall mirror, cushions, pillows and a reading shelf filled with international books. Further down one enters the kitchen space, with its marble style counter space, handmade white beach pebbles wall, double size sink, counters and cupboards that were hand painted and antiqued in the traditional island style. The space is filled with subtle designer touches and beautiful bar-style lighting. The kitchen is fully equipped with a large gas oven, electric exhaust fan with light, microwave, large refrigerator, and all kitchen supplies and utensils. A bright light and a gentle breeze come through the window located towards the end of the kitchen space. The window area is decorated in local archeological finds and diver’s treasures. The window provides a lovely natural air circulation to the whole space, when cold or raining, it can easily be closed from the top. Opposite the kitchen is a large bathroom uniquely curved in shape, equipped with a large double shower cabin, sink, and mirror, cabinets adorned with the local drift wood, the toilet and the washing machine area, and laundry storage. The bathroom has its own exhaust ventilation to the outside, a window and ample light, including a decorative ambiance light built in above by the ceiling. Overall, the whole studio is filled with light fixtures, which are both bright and economical. Throughout the day, the space is filled with natural bright daylight. White thick linen curtains on the door, finished with two seashell holders, provide an escape to privacy and sleep, if needed. The space is equipped with high speed wireless Internet and landline telephone. The materials used in the studio are all natural: the wooden sealing done in a traditional log style, and the aged marble stone floor tile.


General Management: Roman Couldlie
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