Villa Rossalia

First Floor (Ground Floor)
Villa Rossalia’s First Floor (Ground Floor) studio apartment is currently under reconstruction, and comprises a lovely living room area with arched doors and old arched window, facing the lush garden upfront and the sea. Next to the window stand two chairs and a marble writing desk with an antique bronze mirror, an ideal location for inspirational writing. All doors and windows are of double glass and finished with a build in mosquito net. Further on, there is a fully equipped kitchen (oven, microwave, refrigerator, ventilation, lights, stone tile and counters, closets, cabinets, and kitchen supplies) and spacious bedroom with another large window, with a view to the sea and islands, king size bed with a romantic mosquito-net canopy over it, build in closets, in tables, reading lights, large mirrors reflecting the sea view on the walls. There is an extra large bathroom with the hydro-massage Jacuzzi tub (placed against open cave wall with its natural rock surface), mosaic and stone tiles, sink, toilet, cabinets, ample light features and the washer/drier laundry space. The studio is equipped with all the latest amenities, such as the high speed wireless Internet, landline telephone, satellite TV with over 250 international channels, air conditioning, remote control operated ceiling fan, ample light fixtures, full kitchen with electric oven, microwave, refrigerator, sink, electric exhaust and ventilation, cabinets, closets, etc. And yet the studio preserves its old traditional charm and historic character, with every part lovingly restored and preserved, stone walls and floor, original antique furniture and personal decor touches. The entrance door of the studio is facing a lovely garden, filled with blossoms of pink oleander and bright bougainvillea. The garden area was also split into two during the property division process, and now it is separated by the natural fence of white reeds and flowers, offering additional privacy and seclusion. A garden in front of the studio offers a lovely space for dinner and breakfast, set outside with a breathtaking view to the sea and amidst the blossoms of the orchard. It is also an ideal space for taking in the sun and tanning next to the outdoor mirror pool Jacuzzi, which seems to blend into the sea itself, allowing one to take in the full romance of the sunset. The outdoor area is further fully equipped with ample light features, including subtle floor light and shady pergola space, perfect for breakfast. Also the ground floor studio has a unique benefit of having two small garden areas, located on each of the studio’s sides. The small garden area on the other side of the Villa is concealed within the orchard and the trees; it offers a cool shady relaxation area, complete with a large double hammock under a fig tree and a small inn table with chairs, perfect for the afternoon frappé (famous ice-coffee). You can’t miss this little isle of shade and comfort, as it is located right on the way to the ground floor studio entrance, it is the first thing you see as you go down the steep street, from the main Plaka Cathedral of Panagia Korfiatissa (Our Lady)—famous grounds for the sunset watchers pilgrimage. The whole courtyard and the garden area, are inlayed with evening solar lights, lighting up the passage and the space around the studio, right after the sunset.


General Management: Roman Couldlie

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